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Plastic and Metal Signs

Southern Graphics Designs specialize in aluminum and plastics signs for interior/exterior use. Our signs are durable, non-corrosive, and vandal resistant. They can be mounted to a door, wall, ceiling, projected, or free standing. These signs are practical because they are easy to assemble, lightweight, and allow for interchangability. We customize our signs to compliment your specific requirements. Let us help meet your needs:  

Vinyl Lettering

Southern Graphics Designs can also quickly produce professional vinyl lettering for your business vehicle, plate glass storefront or doors, as well as for banners. Our vinyl letters can withstand wide variations in temperature and weather. They can be affixed to smooth or rough surfaces, and can easily last for three or more years. Our banners are made using a specially treated coating to keep the vinyl letters affixed even under heavy use. We have a wide variety of vinyl and banner colors to choose from.

Plastic and Metal Signs

These plastic and metal signs are custom made for indoor and outdoor use. You decide on the color, size and finish. They are made to last year after year because they are made from double-density, industrial aluminum extrusion walls and rugged corner joints. For your convenience, our signs are delivered to you completely assembled. If in the future, you decide to make changes to the sign, this change can be easily handled. Our signs allow for the instant removal and modification of the sign without the use of tools. Because our signs are of high quality, economical, and custom made we feel sure you will be very pleased.


  • Directories
  • Directional Signs
  • Department/Office Systems
  • ADA (restrooms, fire exits, etc.)
  • Apartment Marquee
  • Door or Wall Mount
  • Safety
  • Floor Plans

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