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Channel Letters

   The Media Advantage with Channel Lettering

Channel Letters - Are a superior signage choice for many applications. Each channel letter has an individual structure and separate illumination, resulting in a professional and highly visible signage presentation. An extremely popular choice, channel letters catch the eye by standing out, away from your building. Business logos or images that complement your business name can be cut to design and electrically wired for effect, if desired. That's why you will see Businesses in malls all across America useing channel letters to set their name apart from the rest.

Fabricated Aluminum Channel Letters can get your name up in lights with a style and individuality all your own. This versatile product allows almost any logo or corporate identity to be brought to life. Limitless lighting combinations, colors and configurations can be custom fit to your specifications.

Face-Lighted Channel Letters can incorporate many different plexiglass combinations to produce solid color, day/night color  reversals, and exposed neon effects.

Back-Lighted Channel Letters an elegant use of channel letters. These metal face letters are lighted internally from behind producing halo’s of light which outline your logo and copy elements. Back-Light/ Face-Light Combos The best of both worlds! Light up your logo with this eye catching configuration. Enjoy the spectacular color effects of face-lighted letters and highlight these effects with a glowing halo of color.

 Customized Logos Channel Letters aren’t just for text! We can convert logos and designs of all shapes and sizes into the channel letter format of your choice. Channel letters are used to provide signs for buildings, shopping malls, and the like where it is desirable that the signage comprise illuminated letters or any other shapes that are easily seen, even a great distance, even at night.


Each channel letter consists of an enclosure, usually a metal box, having a rear surface which is positioned against a raceway, the wall of the building or the like, on which the signage is mounted and a plurality of sides which define the figuration of the letter or shape. A light source, such as a neon tube or other light source is positioned within the walls of the enclosure and attached to the rear surface to provide illumination for the letter. For high profile sign applications, three dimensional illuminated or non illuminated channel letters are an ideal choice. Every set of channel letters is custom designed to compliment the building’s existing architecture. High-efficiency L.E.D. lighting, classic neon tubing, or fluorescent lighting for really large letters can be used each having its own benefits.


Lighted Signs Make the Difference Needed to Give 
Your Company The Advantage over Your Competition!




Southern Graphic Designs offers a wide variety of lighted signs to suit your needs. We have been helping out with strong Marketung aspects like this for over 25 Yeas. Our signs come in single and double sided, many colors and styles to choose from. Call us with your special requests and receive a custom quote. Advertising and public awareness are the keys to your success. In order to make a great first impression, you must have the right sign, for the biggest impact! Quantity discounts for larger purchases.


Digital signage is a form of dynamic communication using digital display screens such as LCD, touch screens, or projectors in public venues out-of-home. It can provide sales uplift as a corporate communications device, advertising tool or digital menu board.  Deliver the right message at the right time to the right customer consistently at every location and make real-time adjustments to stay ahead of your competition.  Digital menu boards can help your business in many ways from altering consumer behaviors at the point of sale, enhancing your brand, scheduling your promotions during peak periods, managing your signage from a central location to increasing cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

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